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Varsity Logistics' shipping software is consistently selected by companies of all sizes. Here's what sets Varsity apart from our competitors:

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

From customer-driven product development to experienced logistics and technical experts, customer satisfaction is behind everything Varsity does. And it shows. Our customer retention rate is 96%.

Go Live Success
One of the areas where we receive the most accolades is for the performance of our field service engineers. Every implementation is managed by a Varsity employee. They consistently ensure that new implementation and upgrade projects go live on-time and on-budget. An average project goes live in three weeks, including integration with an existing ERP system.

The ROI is fast. Varsity customers typically obtain a payback on their software investment in less than 12 months, some in as little as three months.

24x7 Customer Support
To ensure ongoing satisfaction, Varsity's support is available 24/7, 365 days a year. When you call, you will find our staff has years of Varsity experience.

Reliable Updates
Year-after-year, Varsity delivers the carrier's annual rate updates on-time, with minimal disruption to our customer's business. Last year all of our clients were ready to ship when the new rates went into effect.

Deep Logistics and Technical Expertise

In business since 1989, we've had the luxury of building a company staffed with many logistics and technical experts.

Many on the Varsity team come from large, well-established software, supply chain, and carrier companies, including IBM, Pitney Bowes, DHL, Ryder Integrated Logistics, and UPS. But we are not all about big name backgrounds. Some of our employees were previously customers. Their hands-on logistics experience provides extra insight into the day-to-day needs of your distribution center.

You will find that our technical employees are IBM i programming experts. Varsity's professional services team averages over 15 years of programming experience.

We have put our expertise to work improving the shipping processes of some of the most sophisticated shippers in the country. We are experienced in fully automated distribution centers, radio frequency processes, and extensive drop-ship vendor networks.

Our experts can help you remap your entire logistics process and estimate your ROI. As part of our ROI analysis we:

  • Identify primary areas for automation
  • Streamline shipping processes
  • Map the integration of order management and shipping data
  • Expose areas to save on carrier fees
  • Reveal ways to increase customer satisfaction

Strong Carrier Relationships

In the logistics business, deep knowledge of carrier's business models and requirements is critically important. For over 15 years, Varsity has worked hand-in-hand with the leading carriers to ensure our customers are fully compliant with the latest rates, labels, manifests, service types and value added services.

To allow you to work with your preferred carrier, Varsity offers a complete range of Carrier Compliance Kits (CCKs). Carriers supported with CCKs include BAX, UPS, FedEx, Purolator, the United States Postal Service, DHL, RR Donnelley and California Overnight.

Partnerships with Enterprise Leaders

We have partnered with other leading companies to deliver the best possible logistics solution. Our integration partners include PeopleSoft, MAPICS, Geac and many others.

Varsity's IBM i-based shipping software integrates easily and cost-effectively with any enterprise resource planning or warehouse management software. Our pre-built interfaces are designed to deploy fast.

Exclusive Focus on IBM i

Since 1989, Varsity has focused exclusively on building software for the IBM i platform. Our software developers are RPG experts, our professional services team averages over 15 years of IBM i experience.

By concentrating on one platform, we build software that performs exceptionally well. In addition, as an IBM development partner, we have access to IBM's developer resources and training. This helps us build software that takes full advantage of the scalability, reliability and throughput of your IBM i.

Best-of-Breed Functionality

Varsity serves virtually all distribution and manufacturing industries in the United States and Canada. Varsity's software is used to ship all types of products via parcel, truck or rail carriers, to destinations around the world.

Because our software runs on the IBM i, it is robust enough to support virtually any shipping volume, through any number of distribution centers. Some of our customers' ship 100 parcels a day, others over 100,000.

From order management to carrier invoice auditing, Varsity's software reduces freight expense, increases customer satisfaction, and streamlines shipping processes.

Automation for all Shipping Processes

Parcel Shipping Freight Shipping Carrier Compliance
Packing Routing guide management
BAX Global
Rate shopping Advanced carrier selection
California Overnight
Bill as/Ship as Pre-shipment planning
DHL International
Special charges LTL, truckload, rail rating
Compliance label printing Bill of lading
Export documents Auditing R.R. Donnelley
HAZMAT compliance Tariff management United Parcel Service
Consolidation Shipping Analytics U.S.P.S
Electronic manifesting EDI/ASN Over 350 LTL tariffs
Track and trace eMail Alerts Generic carriers
Shipping Analytics Scale Interfaces    
eMail Alerts        
Scale Interfaces        

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