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Carrier Compliance Kits

To make it very easy for our customers to work with their preferred carriers, Varsity offers a complete range of Carrier Compliance Kits (CCKs).

Each CCK contains carrier specific rates, service types, labels, manifests, and value added services. Carriers supported with CCKs include BAX, DHL, FedEx, Purolator, UPS, the United States Postal Service, RR Donnelley and California Overnight.

Ongoing compliance maintenance is part of every CCK. Varsity works directly with all of the major parcel carriers to maintain compliance. Behind every CCK release is a proven four step philosophy that ensures the highest compliance standards.

Step 1: Pro-active Development
Step 2: Deliver Quality
Step 3: Certify and Test
Step 4: Flexible Distribution

Step 1: Pro-active Development

As a result of long-standing carrier relationships, Varsity receives advance notice of carrier plans for rate changes, new specifications and services. Early notification provides the opportunity to plan for, and manage, the timely delivery of quality CCK upgrades.

Step 2: Deliver Quality

Varsity has over a decade of experience incorporating carrier changes into existing products. This expertise enables the rapid assessment and incorporation of each carrier's unique specifications without compromising software reliability.

Step 3: Certify and Test

By working closely and coordinating development with each carrier, Varsity is able to support each carrier’s electronic transmissions, documents, labels, rate changes and service options.

Step 4: Flexible Distribution

Varsity customers can choose to receive CCK updates via FTP or CD.  To allow time for internal testing, Varsity works closely with carriers to make updates available in advance of carrier deadlines.

Varsity's dedication to carrier certification allows our customers to ship with confidence knowing that their packages will be delivered on time, to the right place, at the least cost.

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