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Visibility and Analytics for Transportation Management

A company's shipping and transportation logistics operations are places of action (often under high pressure). One day's shipments are followed by the next shipment wave on the next day, and (more often than not) there is little opportunity to step back and analyze what is happening. Transactional data can be difficult to extract and assemble into meaningful information. As a result, sufficient analysis of performance and costs (which are significant) does not get accomplished often enough
(if at all).

Now there is a way to gain visibility and actionable insight into your shipping operations and transportation logistics. Varsity delivers access to organized historical data and to incisive analytic capabilities that empower customers to take control of their order fulfillment/shipping operations.

Unlike many other parts of the enterprise, many shipping and transportation operations have frequently not had sufficient access to underlying data. Varsity Logistics' TransData datamart eliminates this obstacle to accessing organized, well-defined and highly detailed historical shipping and transportation carrier data. And Varsity Logistics ShipView Plus provides a broad range of powerful tools to analyze and present that data in support of cost and performance optimization decisions.

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