The right transportation management software will help you pivot quickly to keep your logistics program working smoothly

A perfect storm of weather events, regulatory restrictions, and economic unrest can wreak havoc on the transportation market in getting goods to market.

To adjust, here are five ways using a TMS can help in making you adjust early to sudden market conditions.

How TMS keeps your shipments moving

Here are five ways TMS can help you adapt to evolving market conditions.


The main advantage of a TMS is that it gives you unlimited access to truckload capacity. This will not only help get your goods out the door, it’ll help you find the optimal balance of price and service to fit your needs.


The most valued TMS providers are flexible, giving you the ability to react quickly to changes in the network. The process of setting up new lanes, shifting volume, or finding capacity in markets can be intense, but TMS software is designed to make these changes as seamless as possible. The same is true if you want to scale space, labor, and transportation according to inventory changes at your warehouse.


A TMS gives you all-in-one capability for your shipment needs by providing both real-time visibility of shipments in transit and analytics to deliver long-term efficiencies. You’ll suddenly have full control of every aspect of your shipping operation.


The best TMS providers give you access to a vast resource network that can help your supply chain expand quickly and efficiently. Now, due to their relationships, you’ll have new opportunities for volume discounts, lower overhead costs, and timelier service.


A good TMS provider knows the marketplace of shippers, from small to large. Which means they can find a solution to any challenge. They have a greater knowledge of compliance programs and access to online scheduling tools of every major retailer. Which means you’ll avoid the costly fines that come with noncompliance. And don’t forget that your software vendor is also on top of market conditions and trends, so you’ll get up-to-date business intelligence on things like general rate increases (GRIs) to help you make the right decisions to mitigate risk.

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