Our Advantage

Companies of all sizes consistently choose the transportation management system (TMS) software of Varsity Logistics. Here’s what sets Varsity apart from our competitors:

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

From customer-driven product development to experienced logistics and technical experts, customer satisfaction is behind everything Varsity does, and it shows. Our customer retention rate is 96%.

Go Live Success
We take pride in the performance of our field service engineers. A Varsity representative manages the implementation of every step. Representatives consistently ensure that new implementation and upgrade projects go live on time and on budget. An average project goes live in three weeks.

The ROI is fast. Varsity customers typically obtain a payback on their software investment in less than 12 months, some in as little as three months.

Reliable Updates
Year after year, Varsity delivers the carrier’s annual rate updates on time with minimal disruption to our customers’ businesses. Last year all of our clients were ready to ship when the new rates went into effect.

Deep Logistics and Technical Expertise

Since 1989, we’ve had the luxury of building a company staffed with logistics and technical experts.

You will find that our technical representatives are IBM I (AS/400) programming experts. Varsity’s professional services team averages over 15 years of implementation experience.

We have put our expertise to work improving the shipping processes of some of the most sophisticated shippers in the country. We are experienced in fully automated distribution centers, radio frequency processes, and extensive drop-ship vendor networks.

Our experts can help you remap your entire logistics process and estimate your ROI. As part of our ROI analysis we:

  • Identify primary areas for automation
  • Streamline shipping processes
  • Map the integration of order management and shipping data
  • Expose areas to save on carrier fees
  • Reveal ways to increase customer satisfaction

Strong Carrier Relationships

In the logistics industry, deep knowledge of a carrier’s business models and requirements is critically important. For over 15 years, Varsity has worked hand-in-hand with the leading carriers to ensure our customers are fully compliant with the latest rates, labels, manifests, service types, and value-added services so quality shipping is ensured.

To allow you to work with your preferred carrier, Varsity offers a complete range of parcel Carrier Compliance Kits (CCKs). Carriers supported include UPS, FedEx, Purolator, the United States Postal Service, DHL, SpeeDee, and Ontrac.

Exclusive Focus on IBM I Series (AS/400)

Since 1989, Varsity has focused exclusively on building software for the IBM i Series platform. Our software developers are RPG experts and our professional services team averages over 15 years of IBM I Series experience.

By concentrating on one platform, we build software that performs exceptionally well. In addition, as an IBM development partner we have access to IBM’s developer resources and training. This helps us build software that takes full advantage of the scalability, reliability, and throughput of your IBM I Series.

Best-of-Breed Functionality

Varsity serves virtually all distribution and manufacturing industries in the United States and Canada. Varsity’s software is used to ship all types of products via parcel, truck or rail carriers, to destinations around the world.

Because our software runs on the IBM I Series, it is robust enough to support virtually any shipping volume, through any number of distribution centers. Some of our customers ship 100 parcels a day while others ship over 100,000.

From order management to carrier invoice auditing, Varsity’s software reduces freight expense, increases customer satisfaction, and streamlines shipping processes.

Our Mission

Varsity’s mission is to provide seamless shipping solutions and integration services that shippers need to enhance customer service, increase top-line revenue, reduce manual labor expense, eliminate errors, and significantly reduce shipping expenses. Learn more.

Our Background

Since 1989, Varsity Logistics has been a leading provider of integrated multi-carrier Shipping software for IBM I (AS/400). Varsity is a wholly owned subsidiary of Constellation Software, Inc. Learn more.