Learn about Varsity SpeedWeigh and how it works with ShipSoft Parcel to automate the package weighing process

Imagine you are mid-shift working in a bustling warehouse, where efficiency is crucial and every second counts for staying on track of your parcel shipments. In this high-stakes environment, every moment wasted on manual tasks, correcting inaccuracies, and inefficient processes can impact your business’s bottom line and lead to lost opportunities. When it comes to traditional package weighing processes, the reliance on manual scanning and data entry into shipping systems consumes valuable time and increases the risk for errors.

But what if there was a way to avoid these threats of inefficiency and streamline your shipping process with a solution that eliminates the manual tasks and integrates into your existing workflow? Enter SpeedWeigh, a module that partners seamlessly with Varsity ShipSoft Parcel to revolutionize the way packages are weighed and processed.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the world of SpeedWeigh, taking a closer look at how the module works, why it’s important for shippers, and the key benefits it can bring to your business’ shipping operations. From increased efficiency to significant cost savings, let’s explore how SpeedWeigh can transform the way you ship and propel your business towards long-term success.

SpeedWeigh works by automatically sending the package weight from the shipping scale to Varsity ShipSoft-Parcel (the only holistic shipping software built for the IBM i) at the precise time that the order number is scanned. This eliminates the need for an additional barcode scan or manually entering the package weight.

To find the best rate for a package, you need to consider all of these factors:

  • Package weight
  • Package dimensions
  • Service type
  • Carrier rate and discount
  • Destination

ShipSoft Parcel combines the package weight provided by SpeedWeigh with destination, package dimensions, service type, and carrier rates to determine your actual shipment costs in the blink of an eye. By using SpeedWeigh to eliminate the manual steps to scan or enter the package weight, companies improve accuracy and streamline the shipping process.

Varsity’s SpeedWeigh also eliminates the need for a keyboard wedge, a device that connects the scanner to the keyboard for inputting the weight. The data is transferred automatically from SpeedWeigh into ShipSoft Parcel on your IBM i (AS/400) Power system without the third-party device.

As we know, in the dynamic world of shipping and logistics, every step matters. That is why the SpeedWeigh module plays a crucial role in the industry as it offers a solution that goes beyond convenience. There are several benefits this module brings to businesses.

Key Benefits of SpeedWeigh

Automation of Package Weight Retrieval: Arguably the most important ability SpeedWeigh provides shippers with is the elimination of manual tasks. In traditional package weighing processes, manually scanning each parcel’s barcode and the tedious entry of weight information is not only extremely time consuming, but it also leaves the door wide open for introducing human error into the mix. This integration automates weight retrieval and removes the risk of inefficiencies, ensuring that the weight of each parcel is accurately recorded without the hassle of manual input.

Increased Throughput Speed and Efficiency: Automating the package weighing process allows for accelerated throughput speeds as workflows can move more quickly, creating an overall more efficient process. With less manual steps, employees can process more parcels in less time, leading to faster turnaround times, more time to allocate resources to other important tasks, and improving the overall customer experience.

Cost-Optimization: With manual processes comes the increased risk of costly human errors. Automated systems help to reduce the need for manual labor, saving businesses on staffing costs and costs associated with “damage control” from human intervention. Additionally, automated weighing systems provide accurate weight measurements, which help ensure shipping costs are appropriately calculated, minimizing the risk of overpaying, underpaying, or running into penalties and disputes with carriers.

Varsity Logistics multi-carrier shipping software is the #1 solution for IBM i (AS/400) Power systems users who need parcel shipping capabilities. Our ShipSoft-Parcel Suite is a complete and integrated solution, automating your business’s shipping process from start to finish. The ShipSoft application acts as a central control for each of Varsity’s supply chain execution modules for parcel including:

SpeedWeigh isn’t just a ShipSoft-Parcel tool – it’s a transformative solution for shipping operations. By automating processes, enhancing efficiency, and creating opportunities for cost-optimization, Varsity SpeedWeigh for IBM i (AS/400) Power systems users empowers businesses to revolutionize the way they ship.

To learn more about SpeedWeigh or Varsity shipping software solutions, contact Varsity’s shipping experts or schedule a demo. We look forward to exploring how Varsity Logistics can meet your business’s unique needs.

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