IBM i ERP and WMS Integrations

For Parcel and Freight Shipping

See how easy it is to handle all your shipping within your IBM i-based ERP or WMS with Varsity Logistics. Request a demo of ShipSoft™ Parcel and/or Freight today.

Varsity Logistics is the only plug-and-play, once-and-done, multi-carrier shipping software built for the IBM i (AS/400) Power systems.

Our IBM i ERP integrations are designed to support our partners with customers in the transportation, distribution, and manufacturing industries. We have performed successful integrations with all of the major IBM i enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and warehouse management systems (WMS), as well as hundreds of customized-in-house and home-grown systems.

Integration is handled either directly via our professional services group or through your independent software vendor (ISV), reseller, systems integrator, or value-add reseller (VAR).

We have certifications from all the major parcel carriers and work with many industry experts. We implore you to check out our free demo at the top of the page to get a more hands-on view.

Our proven TMS software has powerful benefits

Since all Varsity programs and files reside on the IBM Power servers, it creates the most robust and powerful online, IBM i ERP integration possible. You get the best shipping rates, the fastest methods, whatever you prioritize.

In addition, your employees in Order Entry, Customer Service, Finance, and other departments can have real-time access to shipping data — not just the Shipping Department! This is a very powerful tool in enhancing customer satisfaction.

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Integration Modes for IBM i ERP Integration

There are two methods of calling ShipSoft™ from an interface: visible and invisible.

First, is the Visible method. Using the Visibile ERP integration method in Varsity Logistics ShipSoft™, the interface will call a ShipSoft™ program. This program displays a shipping screen. As a result, the screen allows the user to verify and change the shipping information prior to shipping a package.

Second, is the Invisible method of ERP integration. When in this mode, it calls a ShipSoft™ program that does not display a screen. Therefore, when in the Invisible mode it is very important to capture all the information that is needed upfront. In this way, the information is passed through the ERP interface directly into ShipSoft™. Since the user does not see the information, they are unable to make changes to the data.

Both of these modes of ShipSoft™ will create the same labels and manifest records. And both require an interface to pass information to them.

Therefore, it is your option to choose the mode that works best in your environment.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. We’re happy to discuss Varsity Logistics shipping software and ERP integration with the IBM i (AS/400) Power systems with you.

Contact us if interested in viewing the ShipSoft Interface Guide.