ShipPack is Varsity’s pick/pack module. It offers complete control of the shipping process by providing total visibility to the contents of each package via the ShipSoft database. As items are packed into a carton, each packed item is reconciled against the pick ticket to ensure accuracy. As a result, no shipments are sent out with missing or incorrect items.

In addition, ShipPack streamlines the order fulfillment process, helps better manage inventories, and minimizes shipping times.

ShipPack mitigates costly violations and penalties by providing compliant barcodes, labels, and packing lists. It also makes details about each shipment easily accessible. For example, ShipPack includes the description, size, weight, and contents of the carton, container, or parcel.

Designed for maximum flexibility, ShipPack automatically generates ASN 856 Advanced Shipment Notifications and UUC 128 barcoded labels. Customers use it to generate customized forms and labels to meet specific customer requirements. That means each customer can receive an electronic file or carton insert (or both) with itemized details that meet their unique needs. ShipPack makes it easy to implement. This level of customer service is sure to be noticed by even your most exacting customers!

Key ShipPack Features:

  • Item-Level Detail of Parcel Content
  • Bar Code Labeling
  • Automatic ASN Creation
  • Shipment Order Reconciliation
  • Parcel Nesting
  • Automatic Palletization
  • Automatic End-order
  • Empty Container Reconciliation

With the compliance tools provided, ShipPack allows you to easily conform to consignee requirements, quickly verify the accuracy of shipments, and avoid routing guide penalties for non-compliance. By increasing accuracy all around – in the box and on the label – ShipPack helps reduce your costs and increase customer satisfaction.

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  • Automatically generates ASNs that support specific consignee requirements
  • Ensures 100% order accuracy through order reconciliation
  • Provides comprehensive track & trace capability of package contents
  • Eliminates costly violations and penalties through the use of proper barcodes, labels, or packing lists