ShipSoft-Freight is a fully-featured, multi-modal rating and shipping engine for freight shippers who ship domestically, or to Canada and Mexico. ShipSoft-Freight automates and expedites the weigh, rate, and label functions for LTL, Truckload (TL) and Rail shipments with a state-of-the-art rating engine that can be configured with over 350 LTL tariffs and any number of full truckload rates. The system utilizes tariff and shipping information to generate rates and select the optimal mode and carrier for a given shipment.

ShipSoft-Freight generates PRO numbers, and supports the generation of VICS Bills of Lading and pallet labels. It also handles multiple mode selection and rate shopping, performs freight manifesting, and maintains all discount and contract details.

Key features of ShipSoft-Freight:

Automatic Carrier Selection
ShipSoft-Freight automatically finds the lowest rate for a shipment, based on a user’s custom tariffs and discounts, saving time and ensuring smarter transportation decisions. ShipSoft-Freight has an embedded database that provides unparalleled accuracy and precision for automatic freight rating, rate analysis, and rate maintenance.

Embedded Geographic Database (Truckload)
With more than 240,000 United States and Canadian locations stored within its geographic database, ShipSoft-Freight includes information on cities, states, postal codes, counties, latitudes, and longitudes. ShipSoft-Freight also integrates with ALK’s PC*Miler and Rand McNally’s Milemaker. This makes shipping full truckloads simple and efficient.

Extensive LTL Rate Database
ShipSoft-Freight offers the industry’s most complete LTL rate database from sources such as Southern Motor Carriers (SMC), Rate Bureaus, and LTL carriers. The class rate database is tailored to a customer’s specific needs from a library of more than 350 LTL carrier tariffs. ShipSoft-Freight supports rates, discounts, and accessorial charges that are qualified by effective and cancel date.

Effective Transportation Management Integration
Though ShipSoft-Freight can be used as a stand-alone package for freight ratings and rate management. It offers an extremely robust solution when used in conjunction with the advanced supply chain execution modules such as FreightPlan, FreightAudit, and ShipSelect. In addition, ShipSoft-Freight seamlessly integrates with ShipSoft-Parcel to offer the industry’s most comprehensive parcel and freight shipping solution available for the IBM i series/AS400 today.


  • Enhances shipping flexibility with access to more than 350 carrier tariffs
  • Reduces freight expenses through rate shopping for all transportation modes
  • Consolidates and controls shipping information for all transportation modes in a single system