ShipTalk is an electronic link to third-party carriers to provide real-time access to delivery status and to access online tracking and tracing. This real-time, end-to-end visibility gives up-to-the-minute order status, minimizes late deliveries and, if necessary, allows for efficient exception management.


For customers who require a simple way of sending advance shipment notification to anyone in the supply chain prior to delivery, Varsity now offers ShipTalk-Alerts. ShipTalk-Alerts is a pro-active approach for notifying any supply chain partners via e-mail of specific shipment details, at any time in the shipment process. ShipTalk-Alerts provide the alert recipient visibility to shipment information, such as carrier, tracking numbers and order details, in one convenient format. It is also an easy way to comply with the informational requirements of consignee routing guides and a quick, economical alternative to EDI or other communication protocols.